Lacking Natural Simplicity

Random musings on books, code, and tabletop games.

Recent RPG Arrivals

I got an order from IPR today, with Houses of the Blooded, The Dresden Files - Your Story, The Dresden Files - Our World, and a gift copy of Hero System Sidekick 1.

Your Story and Our World look very impressive after a first quick scan. I like all the annotations and marginal notes, although I'd have preferred that the post-it notes had been marginal notes as well.


That makes my second gift copy of Sidekick, and three copies in total. I'm sure that means I'm destined to run a Sidekick campaign for the kids, when they're all old enough for Hero 5ER 2 math. And I am 3. :-)


That's Hero System, Fifth Edition, Revised.


Actually, the kids are probably readier for that than I am. I'm liking less and less math at the game table as I grow older and have less time to prepare and play.

Recent Reading: Martha Wells

  • The Cloud Roads, by Martha Wells, copyright 2011; ISBN 978-1-59780-216-1.

    The start of a new series; the main character is Moon.

    I liked it, although not as much as the Valiarde books. (One of the reasons I liked those books is their Victorian and Edwardian technologically-equivalent setting, which despite the airships didn't seem to be as genre-indulgent as much steampunk does.)

Erol Otus — not just Nostalgia

When I started playing D&D back in my mid teens and the early 1980s I did not particularly like the artwork of Erol Otus. I think at the time I preferred more realistic artwork.

When I got back into playing D&D regularly with 3.5E, I also started looking back at the older versions of D&D, and found that I now really liked Erol Otus's artwork. I think it is the fever dream aspect of it that I like.

So, my enjoyment of Otus's work has nothing to do with nostalgia.