Lacking Natural Simplicity

Random musings on books, code, and tabletop games.

Alusia Campaign

I intermittently GamesMastered a campaign set in in a modified version of SPI's Frontiers of Alusia from 1985 to December 1994. As time went by the players and I dispersed geographically and acquired more responsibilities, so we did not play as much in that time as one might first expect.

This was originally (of course) using the DragonQuest rules from SPI, but when I started playing GURPS I eventually changed to using it for this campaign.

A few years ago, while writing a new adventure for the campaign, I got ambitious and from my notes wrote a 55 page (5.5 by 8.5 inches booklet size) campaign history. Some time ago (1995/11/9) I created a hypertext version (using Unroff; see Notes for more details about the that tool) and added (1996/1/21) the last two adventures (although in very rough form) and created an on-line permuted index. (These are not available any more, alas.)

Later, in December 2007, I finally finished a new DocBook-based version (which was also available as a single html file and as a PDF file that includes some some additional information and reflections. It was fun to revisit the campaign. (These too are not available any more.)

In December 2009 I made a minor revision to the DocBook version, available in several HTML pages, a single HTML page, and a PDF file (Among other things, this cleaned up the text encoding of the HTML output.) (These too are not available any more.)

Finally, in November 2019 I converted the document to DocBook 5. The results are available as a single HTML file, chunked HTML files, and a PDF File.

After the fact, one of the players, N.A.B., named the adventuring party “The Sons of the Vale”, after the Vale of Morin, the valley which they contracted to resettle on behalf of the ghosts that haunted the place, and that's now the name of the campaign.