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RPG Downloads and Links

Here are some downloads and links for various RPGs.

Big Eyes, Small Mouth

BESM Second Edition, Revised (BESM2ER)

BESM Third Edition

BESM Fourth Edition

OVA: The Anime Role-Playing Game

  • OVA Reference Sheet — Index of page numbers for OVA Abilities, Weaknesses, Perks, and Flaws on the first page and useful tables and reminders for play on the second.

  • OVA Character Sheet spreadsheet — Brutally simple LibreOffice spreadsheet. It does total the levels for the Abilities and Weaknesses individually and their sum.

  • OVA Character Sheet PDF — PDF of the above for when you need a quick paper character sheet to write on with more space than the (much nicer looking) standard OVA character sheet.

  • Google Sheets OVA Character Sheet Template — This is a Google Sheets version of an OVA Character Sheet. It calculates total levels of Abilities and Weaknesses and the sum of both. It prints on two pages when using narrow margins.

  • Google Sheets OVA Character Sheet Template PDF — PDF of the above. I think the design of this sheet is a bit better than the LibreOffice spreadsheet.