Lacking Natural Simplicity

Random musings on books, code, and tabletop games.

This Weblog

I've added crude previous and next links to these weblog pages.

The process of creating this weblog is very crude by current standards. Each of these weblog pages starts out as a XML template created by an Emacs function. The date, page id, and cross-link entity references are automatically inserted by when the XML file is created from the template. I then edit the XML file in Emacs and when I'm finished I run make in the top directory of my website hierarchy which rebuilds the web site. In the process it notices the new weblog entry and runs a few tools that actually create the entities necessary for cross linking and then runs jade or openjade (DSSSL processors) on the master XML file for my website to create the HTML pages. It has a very plain look and feel, and it's rather crude, but it works. It's primary advantage is that it was easy to put together from pieces I already had.

Sophisticated XML and XSL, etc.

If you want to see a nice looking web site built using XML and XSL in a sophisticated you should look at instead. He supplies the raw bits necessary to figure out how to put one together like it yourself, but hasn't packaged it up (for very good reasons). Sometime when I'm feeling ambitious I should try to set up a website using his methods.


I use to build my website, including these log entries, using Docbook XML. As a static website it was ok, but as a blog it lacked a lot of functionality.

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