Lacking Natural Simplicity

Random musings on books, code, and tabletop games.

Recent Reading

  • Wildtrack, by Bernard Cornwell. One of his modern period nautical adventure novels, written early in his career. Enjoyable.

  • Quicksilver, by Neal Stephenson. Quirky and interesting historical exploring seventeenth century scientific thought and political intrigue; rather prolix, as one would expect from the ground it tries to cover. Enjoyable to those who don't mind a big book.

  • The Shadow of the Lion, by Mercedes Lackey, Eric Flint, and Dave Freer. A very good, though demanding, historical fantasy of magic, religion, politics, and romance in a richly imagined Venice of an alternate 16th century. While I am reminded to a certain degree of the Merovingian Nights shared-world anthologies (there were some close but not exact parallels) this is ultimately a very different story.

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