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WFRPG 2nd Edition

On April 30th, 2004 Black Library, the publishing arm of Games Workshop, announced that they were launching a new imprint, Black Industries, to publish roleplaying games, and that Black Industries, working with Green Ronin (press release), would publish a new edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. Early fear and trepidation on the part of some fans was quickly dispelled in a thread in the Critical Hits Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay forum when Simon Butler from Black Industries answered a great number of questions: WFRP 2nd edition would not be a D20 game, it would use a revised version of the original WFRP system, and it would strive to keep the grim and perilous tone of the original game, and many fans expressed their opionion that Green Ronin was a good choice to develop the new WFRP.

I was overjoyed to hear this news; WFRP has long been one of my favorite fantasy roleplaying games for its combination of interesting if quirky system and excellent setting and adventures. I'm looking forward to the new edition.

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