Lacking Natural Simplicity

Random musings on books, code, and tabletop games.

Recent Reading

  • When the Legends Die, by Hal Borland, copyright 1963; narrated by Norman Dietz; Recorded Books, Inc., 1991. I read this book when I was a young teenager. When I listened to it this time (in my car, mostly going to and from work), I was struck again by how the new medium presented it a-new to my mind, striking afresh into my thoughts.

  • Rupert of Hentzau, by Anthony Hope; first published in Great Britian by J.W. Arrowsmith in 1898; published in one volume with The Prisoner of Zenda by Penguin Books, 2000. I've read The Prisoner of Zenda several times, read new interpretations of it by George MacDonald Fraser and others, and seen at least a couple of movie versions of it, but I'd never read its sequel, Rupert of Hentzau. It apparently wasn't as popular as the original, and has been criticised as too complicated and not active enough, and I can understand why. However, it's still a worthwhile read on its own merits, and it does serve to complete the story that The Prisoner of Zenda left open.

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