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Recent Viewing; Arthur Wakes?

Recent Viewing

  • Sennen joyu, aka Millennium Actress, 2001; directed by Satoshi Kon, written by Satoshi Kon and Sadayuki Murai. An interesting anime, well worth seeing, though I suspect it would have been better had I some familiarity with Japanese film history.

Arthur Wakes?

It was recently announced that Arthaus Publishing, the White Wolf imprint, had purchased the rights and back stock of the Pendragon Aurthurian roleplaying game from Peter Corless of Green Knight Publishing. Stewart Wieck confirmed that they would selling the existing and also developing new projects that would keep the current rules, with perhaps some tweaking. James Lowder of Green Knight confirmed that Arthaus will have access to all the unpublished works that have been written for Pendragon, so perhaps we'll finally get to see some of them.

I find this very encouraging; Arthaus has the resources to support Pendragon and they seem to have produced some reasonably good books. I'm looking forward to seeing new Pendragon materials.

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