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OGL Talislanta

Well, it looks like Talislanta is going OGL. A couple of days ago Morrigan Press announced that they will be publishing a new version of Talislanta using the Open Game License. From the details described so far, it sounds like they have a reasonably good plan. They plan to continue to support the existing Talislanta 4th edition rules, dual-stating the new books other than the new OGL core book, and already have a number of books planned. I'm no great fan of D20 or OGL, but I think it's entirely possible to produce a good game using the OGL as a base, and if this helps publicize Talislanta to those who would have otherwise missed, that's a good thing. That's a difficult task, though, as Dragon Lords of Melnibonë shows.

Moreover, the previous publishers of Talislanta, Shooting Iron, have publicly supported the new publisher.

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