Lacking Natural Simplicity

Random musings on books, code, and tabletop games.

Recent Reading

  • H.M.S. Cockerel, by Dewey Lambdin; copyright 1995; Fawcett Crest/Ballantine Books, March 1997. Another good entry in the saga of Alan Lewrie.

  • The White Order, by L.E. Modesitt, Jr; Tor/Tom Doherty Associates, Inc, May 1998. As you might expect from the title, this volume of Modesitt's Reculse series is from the viewpoint of a white magician, instead of the black or grey magicians who have been the viewpoint characters previously. (In the Recluce books the words “white”, “black”, and “grey” don't refer to the morals of the magician, but to whether they use chaos, order, or a balance of the two forces.)

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