Lacking Natural Simplicity

Random musings on books, code, and tabletop games.

Recent Reading

  • Under the Green Star, by Lin Carter; DAW, 1972; No. 30. In the 1970s Lin Carter wrote some “planetary romances”, including the Green Star series, in the tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Mars books and others. I prefer Carter's Wizard of Zao (where, it seems to me, Carter achieved a sense of light humorous fantasy that has rarely been equaled), but the Green Star series is a fair tribute to the genre of planetary romances, though it lacks the breadth and depth of its near contemporary, Kenneth Bulmer's extensive Kregen novels about Dray Prescot. In any case, I'll have to find the fourth and fifth books in the Green Star series sometime.

  • When the Green Star Calls, by Lin Carter; DAW, 1973; UE1732.

  • By the Light of the Green Star, by Lin Carter; DAW, 1974; No. 110.

  • The Tombs of Atuan, by Ursula K. Le Guin, copyright 1970, 1971; originally published by Atheneum, 1971; Bantam Books, September 1975; 14th printing, January 1981. This was the first of Le Guin's Earthsea books that I read, when I was a youngster, and I found it utterly fascinating then and now.

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