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GtkAda and Ada; Recent Listening and Viewing

GtkAda and Ada

Using GNAT 3.15p with GtkAda-2.4.0 on Windows XP, when I wanted to switch from using Gtk.Menu.Popup to using a user instantiated version of Gtk.Menu.User_Menu_Popup.Popup I tried to switch from using Menu of type Gtk_Menu for the first parameter to using Gtk_Menu_Record (Menu.all)'Access because gnatmake says:

access to class-wide argument not allowed here
"Popup" is not a primitive operation of

I suppose that is because when the package is instantiated it's not in the same scope as the original declaration of Gtk_Menu_Record so it can't be a primitive operation of that type. It's annoying, though. Anyway, I never figured out the problem completely before having to move on to something else.

I never did get Gtk.Menu.User_Menu_Popup.Popup working properly, though.

Recent Listening

  • Blue Blood, by Edward Conlon; performed by Tom Stechschulte; Recorded Books, 2004. Very interesting memoir of a NYPD cop in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Recent Viewing

  • Zatoichi sekisho yaburi, aka Adventures of a Blind Man, 1964. Directed by Kimiyoshi Yasuda, writing by Shozaburo Asai and Kan Shimozawa.Includes another glimpse into Zatoichi's background. Good.

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