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Recent Reading; ghc 6.5

Recent Reading

  • The Glory That Was, by L. Sprague De Camp; introduction by Robert A. Heinlein; copyright 1952 by Better Publications, Inc.; copyright 1960 by L. Sprague de Camp; A Baen Book, Baen Publishing Enterprises, first Bean printing, April 1992. In the past I've had a habit of buying books that I know I'll want to read at some time in the future and then not reading them for years. This book is a case in point. I expect I've had this book since 1993 or there-abouts, and I've finally found myself in the mood to read it. I'm definitely glad I picked it up. It's a light and intertaining science fantasy..

ghc 6.4

It turns out that ghc 6.4 takes more VM to build than 6.2 did; the 256 MiBs of memory and 256 MiBs of swap on my FreeBSD server were not enough. I added another GiB of swap and it compiled ok, if slowly.

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