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Recent Reading; Templating Not Useful

Recent Reading

  • Dead as a Doornail, by Charlaine Harris, copyright 2005 by Charlaine Harris Schulz; Ace/The Berkley Publishing Group/Penguin Group (USA) Inc., May 2005. I like Harris and Hamilton the best of the books I've read in this genre. Hamilton is perhaps a little more intense, but Harris is perhaps a little more moving. I'll have to check out Harris's Shakespeare novels, set in rural Arkansas, and her new series starting with Grave Sight.

  • Shakespeare's Landlord, by Charlaine Harris, copyright 1996; Dell/Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, Inc., August 1997. Ok, it's later, and I have checked out Harris's Shakespeare series, and so far it is good.

Templating Not Useful

I was thinking about templating in web frameworks, and went back to reread Avi Bryant's Where are the templates? where he explains why Seaside doesn't have a default templating system, and I have to agree that templating doesn't seem like the best solution.

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