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What is WFRP ABout, Really? Walter Jon Williams on Wodehouse

What is WFRP ABout, Really?

Nobody says it better than James Wallis:

D&D is about quests for glory and riches; WFRP pretends to be the same, but in fact is about the PCs' day-to-day fight for survival in a universe that hates them. If you don't finish each adventure worse off than when you started it, your GM is doing something wrong.

Walter Jon Williams on Wodehouse

WJW says it well:

I devoured a whole lot of Wodehouse in my teens, in those formative years when I was devouring a lot of Delany and Zelazny and Robert Heinlein. I eventually gave up on Wodehouse because I realized that all the Jeeves stories had the same plot. I've come back to them since becoming a full-time writer because I've realized exactly how hard it is to write 90 books with exactly the same plot, and it is not a skill to be sneezed at.

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