Lacking Natural Simplicity

Random musings on books, code, and tabletop games.

Recent Reading

  • Procurator, by Kirk Mitchell, copyright 1984; Ace Books/The Berkley Publishing Group/Penguin Putnam, Inc, April 1984. My copy of this is, if I understand the copyright page correctly, the 2 nd edition of this; judging by the (non-)yellowing of its pages, it is much younger than my copy of its sequel, The New Barbarians. This is an alternate history, in which Germania became a part of the Roman Empire, and Joshua Bar Joseph was freed by the procurator of Judea, and thereby Rome never fell.

  • A Choice of Destinies, by Melissa Scott, copyright 1986; Baen Books/Baen Publishing Enterprises, June 1986. An alternate history in which Alexander turned west instead of east.

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