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Recent Reading: Ellis/Cassady; Powers

  • Planetary: Archaeologists of the Impossible, Book 1: All over the World and Other Stories; writer: Warren Ellis, Artist: John Cassaday, Colorist: Laura Depuy with David Baron and WildStorm FX; copyright 2000 Wildstorm Productions; originally published in magazine format as Planetary #1–6 and Planetary Preview, copyright 1998, 1999 Wildstorm Productions, an imprint of DC Comics; ISBN 1-56389-648-6.

    It's been quite a while since I've read anything approaching a superhero comic with any regularity. This is probably as close as I've come. Very good. I'll probably have to find and read the rest of the compilations.

  • The Bible Repairman, copyright 2005 by Tim Powers; Subterranean Press, 2nd printing; ISBN 1-59606-046-8.

    A slim pamphlet, containing one of Tim Powers' typically weird stories.

  • A Soul in a Bottle, copyright 2006 by Tim Powers; Subterranean Press, 1st edition, 2006; ISBN 987-1-59606-075-3.

    A slim book with another of Tim Powers' typically weird stories.

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