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Gaming during the Week of the July 4th Holiday, 2008

My brother who lives out of state usually comes in from out-of-state twice a year, once during the summer and once at Christmas. One of his sons is old enough to play Savage Worlds these days, and since I'd given him, along with rest of the kids who were old enough, their own copies of the Savage Worlds: Explorer's Edition I wanted to make sure we got to play some roleplaying games while they were in town, especially Savage Worlds.

Running for kids is a lot different than running for adults. One of the kids is in his middle teens, but the rest of them are under 11 and one is 6. They're very enthusiastic when they're interested, but if things slow down the younger ones (literally) wander off until things speed up again. They also have sometimes have a little difficulty switching between the neat stuff that is happening and the mechanical stuff we're using to make the neat stuff happen, which can make things take longer than it should. They all enjoy it, though, and it's definitely worth doing.

Sometime I'd like to make some character sheets specifically for the younger kids who don't read very much yet, with pictures of, for instance, their sword and the dice they need to roll to attack and do damage with it.

One of my nephews is very into a particular collectable card game, and we didn't get a chance to play it this summer. Maybe at the Winter gathering.

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