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Eternal Nazi, Take 2

I got to run the “Eternal Nazi” one sheet for Savage Worlds again, for adults this time, M.A.H and C.A.H from my adult group. We did character generation for a new D&D campaign with the regular GM, who then had to leave. After that I ran “Eternal Nazi”.

It went ok, I guess. It ran much longer this time, probably for several reasons:

  1. I added a new encounter to it.

  2. It was the first time the players had played Savage Worlds, and to complicate things they were each playing two characters.

  3. I was not at my best. (Too little sleep, too much stress elsewhere in my life.)

I think I'm going to run this for yet another group, so I'll discuss the specifics of my changes to the adventure then.

The new maps did make things a little more interesting, although the design of one did provide a great deal of advantage to the PCs. I'll have to rethink that.

I should really sit down and come up with some better tactics for the BBEG.

I was not at my best, so I kept forgetting the simplest things, and I know I actually made a couple of serious errors with the rules. You'd think that since I've been playing Savage Worlds for a while I would remember. In my defense, I was using a couple of sections of the rules that I'd only used once before. Still, I need to get more rest before I GM something!

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