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Actual Play: T.A.'s Savage Worlds Game, part 2

This was the second, and concluding, session in T.A.'s Savage Worlds game. L.B. was in from Kentucky and B.B. and D.B. were down from Morgantown, so along with T.A., E.A., and M.A. we had a full table. Moreover, M.B., who is B.B. and D.B.'s much younger brother, also wanted to play. He's a bit too young to understand how the game works, though, so it was a bit frustrating for him and the others. We worked through it and it turned out ok.

T.A. GMed. E.A. played Eureka, the healer. L.B. played Alisia, an archer. D.B. played Surt, the combat mage. I played Loki, the sneaky guy, sharing him with M.B.. M.A. played Ragnar, the wizard. and B.B. played Fritz, an archer.

We decided we had gone back to town after the previous session and picked up a couple of friends. We easily finished off the rest of the goblin clan, picking up a couple more invented-on-the-spot magic items. We continued to have it in for the dire wolves, and Ragnar exploded a couple of them with his magic. The villagers were glad to be freed from the goblin raiding and gladly paid us as they had promised.

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