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Actual Play: Tomb of Terror, Part 1

I ran the first part of the Savage Wolds fantasy one-sheet “Tomb of Terror” for the kids after we got done with farm work.


Around the table, starting with me as the GM at 6 o'lock, going clock-wise:

  • M.A. played Gar IronHelm;

  • E.A. played Merula Lanus;

  • B.B. played Marcus Two Hands (when he wasn't helping out with baby C.A.);

  • D.B. played Ramel Ramelson; and

  • T.A. played Fox.

Actual Play

We got through the first encounter with very little difficulty, largely because I forgot the very important surprise packages the zombies had that should have gone off when they died, and then nearly had a TPK when I set them all off at once. They got to where they could hear the next encounter when we had to quit.

Maybe we can finish this at Thanksgiving.

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