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Actual Play: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Part 1

Some of the kids and I played through about half of the Pirates of the Spanish Main Savage Worlds one-sheet “Dead Men Tell No Tales” this afternoon and evening, before and after supper. This is one of the free downloads Pinnacle Entertainment Group did for the game.

The roster was:

  • T.A. playing Isaiah Kestrel

  • E.A. playing Alice Pettigrew and Phillipe Gujon

  • M.A. played Scarred Jack

They found the dying pirate with the chest manacled to his foot, and after he died opened the chest and found the treasure map, and decided to head for the island. Along the way they found and boarded the decaying pirate ship, from which they deduced had come the dying pirate. They had a hard time with the zombie pirate captain wildcard, who had the luck of the initiative most of the time, ending up with the Joker three times, and the high card of the draw most of the rest of the time. The zombie wildcard incapacitated Alice with one blow that ended up doing five wounds at a whack, and things were looking dire. However, the zombie pirate captain's luck with the iniative cards finally left him However, E.A., rolling for the crew extras who showed up after hearing Alice scream as she went down, aced an attack roll, then aced all three of the damage dice, and then aced at least one of the rerolls, putting the wildcard down decisively. After that M.A. had Scarred Jack try an untrained Healing roll and aced it big time, so most of Alice's wounds got healed and M.A. wants Jack to learn Healing for real now, which is neat. After they returned to their ship the other ship collapsed and sank. They decided to continue to follow the treasure map, even though a storm came up. Alice was unconscious for four days. After couple of days it was obvious that they and their ship were suffering from the curse, and that's were we had to leave the game.

Lots of fun.


I should have looked up all the details of the edges and hindrances and wrote them on the kids character sheets, and on my copies, before the kids came over for the game. I had to do it while they were there, and of course they wanted to get on to the gaming. However, I knew we'd be looking them up in the middle of game if I didn't.

We also need to play more often so I can keep the details in mind better. Maybe next weekend.

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