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Pirates! Session #4: Smuggler's Song


  • T.A. playing Isaiah Kestrel, former captain of the Lady Faire

  • E.A. playing Alice Pettigrew

  • M.A. playing Captain (Scarred) Jack

  • L.B. playing Phelicity Gujon


Last time out the kids had lost their ship, lost the treasure, and deposed their captain. They'd had to build themselves a new boat to escape the once-cursed island.

Actual Play

This time out I decided that they'd forced by their dismal economic situation into working for another pirate delivering smuggled goods, and ran them through the Pirates of the Spanish Main one-sheet Smuggler's Song.

They did pretty well, though they did end up running from the watch several times. And they mostly got paid.

Amusingly, my sister was not happy when they told her they'd been fighting in a bar, so I've promised to steer closer to a “G” rating next time…

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