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Toon: The Tomb of Throckmorton P. Ruddygore

So, one of the things L.B. really wanted to do this winter vacation was play Toon with the kids. Unfortunately, since I'd been so bad about getting things prepared and even worse getting things scheduled, we almost didn't get to play. We did get to play a short Toon session, though, while visiting C.P.B., my older brother, and his family.

The roster was:

  • L.B., I think playing a chocolate loving bear

  • C.P.B. and M.B., playing an elf named Ralph

  • D.B., playing a hovering suit of plate armor

Toon, as an inherently comic game, is hard for me to prepare and run. Luckily, it has a very useful “Adventure Generator”, and I had used it earlier to get some general ideas, and I wrote a few paragraphs in my notebook about them and picked and adapted some characters from the many NPCs in the Toon rulebook. When we finally got around to playing we didn't have time to create new PCs, so I just passed out some old character sheets, and they all picked toons they'd created in earlier sessions, and away we went. I pretty much improvised on the stuff from my notebooks, and the kids seemed to have fun.

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