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Keep on the Borderlands, Session C3: Character Generation, part 3

In this short session T.A. finished his two characters, M.A. created his second character, Jeffrey, a monk, and E.A. created her characters, Drusilla (Dru), a ranger, and Curufin, an elf. I helped E.A. by quickly equipping her characters when time was running short, while T.A. helped M.A.

T.A. and M.A. were bickering, so I said that they had to roleplay being best friends. Glen needed to borrow some money, and I said he could borrow it from Dooley, but that Dooley would charge 25% interest, compounded weekly.


  • T.A., playing

    • Glen the Strategist (a wizard) and

    • Dooley the sly (a thief)

      We'd established that Dooley was on the run from the folks in his home town who'd burnt his hovel after they'd figured out that he was a thief.

  • E.A., playing + Curufin the Elf and + Drusilla the Ranger.

  • M.A., playing + James the Cleric and + Jeffrey the Monk.

[This is an after-the-fact entry; I could have sworn I'd written something about this already, but if so I've lost it. I'm not sure what date and time this actually happened. Sigh. I think it was nap time for the youngest kids.]

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