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Wanderlust, APEL, FLIM, and SEMI development

Someone once said something along the lines that to those in the Western world who don't speak Japanese there is an alternate universe of FOSS [1] development in Japan [2], and every so often things from that universe just appear in the Western FOSS universe as mysterious foreign objects. Ruby seems to have made a solid connection between the universes, but many others are less approachable.

Wanderlust development and the development of the emacs packages that it depends on (APEL, FLIM, and SEMI) feel like that to me. Some of them have web pages, but they're usually quite out of date. It can be difficult find to their CVS repositories, and even more difficult to find the browse-able web interfaces to their CVS repositories. Every time I want to look at the code, I have to figure this all out again, hence this post.

There was a post on the Wanderlust English-language mailing list from Katsumi Yamaoka <> on Wednesday, 27 May 2009 that gave the location of the APEL, FLIM, and SEMI cvs repositories, and mentioned that development in the FLIM and SEMI repositories was taking place under the flim_1_14 and semi_1_14 branches, respectively. The post also said that the place for discussion about APEL is the APEL mailing lists:

To subscribe, send an empty e-mail to and/or

The place to discuss FLIM and SEMI is the EMACS-MIME mailing list:

To subscribe, send an e-mail containing “subscribe YOUR NAME” in its contents to and/or

So, here are the CVS commands I just used to check the various packages out:

cvs -d checkout wanderlust
cvs -z9 -d checkout apel
cvs -z9 -d checkout -r flim-1_14 flim
cvs -z9 -d checkout -r semi-1_14 semi

Here are the browse-able CVS web interfaces:

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