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Rushing Valley D&D, Session #7

Rushing Valley D&D, Session #7

Thursday, 17 September 2009


2021-08-09 12:00:13

This is an actual play report from the “Rushing Valley” Dungeons and Dragons campaign. These actual play reports are available in html from T.K.B.'s blog and from P.D.F.'s RPG forum's Rushing Valley Campaign History forum.


Clockwise round the table, starting with the DM at 9 o'clock:

  • P.D.F. as DM

  • C.A.H. playing Onchu

  • T.K.B. playing Droston a'Seamus

  • B.MC. playing Polonius, Onchu's rowdy young cousin from Riverton

  • M.A.F. playing Bartha

J.H. was unable to attend, alas.


It was decided that Whaler would guide us to the elves, but first we needed to sweep back by town to tell them where we are going and pick up Eirnin. Whaler refused to accompany us into town (since he's scared of humans), so we arranged to meet Whaler outside the tomb of the Dwarven hero.

Actual Play

As we descended from the high grove of the Lady of the Valley, Droston and Polonius saw that there was no trace of where they have been — no path, no tracks.

Keep your voice down!

We reached the bridge, where Brock was still directing the building of new defenses and Sheriff Artair was directing defenders.

We went over to Sheriff Artair and Bartha started explaining, quite eloquently, what we knew, but the Sheriff had difficulty believing us. Droston went over to Brock, and after he got Brock's attention (and been told to keep his damn voice down and not panic folks) he told Brock about the fey and Lady of the Valley and the approaching Goblin Horde. Brock said it was just like he remembered from his youth. Brock and Artair conferred, we convinced them of the truth of the matter — the Horde is only days away, and their vanguard is probably only hours away.

Well, we're in it now!

So, the Sheriff decided someone had to stay at the bridge to hold off the vanguard as long as possible. We, of course, ended up as part of the lucky group, along with three archers, two melee fighters, and Brock, who refused to let these goblin scum trample over his home without a fight.

The brush had been cleared back 85 feet from the bridge. Brock had his dwarven crossbow, and there were plenty of arrows. One of the melee fighters had a hammer, and one an axe. There were a couple of extra spears. We Wolf-banes's each had one rye whiskey bomb. There are two (3, P.D.F?) wagons with walls attached blocking the bridge, and walls running along the town side of the ravine. The walls all had ledges so we could fight over the top.

Two archers along the river wall, Onchu with a melee fighter at the wagons across the bridge, Brock, Bartha, and another archer along the upper wall, and Droston and a melee fighter at the big tree beyond the upper wall, to ensure we weren't flanked.

Two spears. Five horses were left to help in our escape, should we survive long enough.

The Fight

[Unfortunately, I can't remember most of the details of the battle, so what follows is merely parts of the battle — T.K.B.]

Bartha and Onchu heard a wolf-like howl in the distance.

Large wolves crossed the ravine. Goblins [with ranged weapons?] followed. Hobgoblin archers began shooting from just beyond the cleared area.

Melee fighter with Droston was killed. When Droston got back to the fighter, he picked up the fighter's axe and said that he'd carry it in honor of the brave volunteer.

Goblins with large mantlet, with an ogre behind. Crashing and breaking of wagons.

Polonius mainly stayed on the rock wall assailing the enemy with arrows. His elven chainmail was crucial in keeping him from taking damage from the enemy archers. He assisted with the dire wolves and gave the killing blow to one of them.

Strange goblin in the spiky black armor attached Droston. Spit at him and hit him in the neck. Strange goblin eventually ran away, just like last time.

Droston unwisely charged to attack the ogre, and was struck down.

Polonius gave the killing blow on the ogre.

As Droston lay dying Bartha attempted to bind his wounds and bring him back from the brink of death, but was so overwhelmed by the terrible battle that she failed. Luckily, Brock strove mightily [and spent the Hero point] and brought Droston back from the brink of death. Poor brave, foolish Droston lies sorely wounded.


We each got +750 XP.

The XP total on Onchu's character sheet didn't match the spreadsheet, so the DM split the difference and gave Onchu +250 XP.

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