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WVHTCF 50 Fathoms, Session #1: Shipwreck, Savages, and Giant Monkapes

WVHTCF 50 Fathoms, Session #1: Shipwreck, Savages, and Giant Monkapes




2021-08-09 12:00:50

This is an actual play report from the Savage Worlds 50 Fathoms plot point campaign from Pinnacle Entertainment Games. These actual play reports are available in html from T.K.B.'s blog.


Clockwise round the table, starting with the GM:

  • T.K.B. — GM

  • B.MC. — playing Azrulektos, a Kraken warrior/wizard

  • C.A.H. — playing Karl Kroc, a Masaquani treasure hunter and navigator

  • M.A.H. — playing Moorumah, a charming but rather dim Grael


M.A.H. contributed the following (lightly edited) actual play report.

Actual Play

After an extended character creation session (made longer due to C.A.H. being an HOUR late -- BAD C.A.H.), our 50 Fathoms campaign is off to a great start.

It all begins upon a ship, and with three particular sailors aboard. Azrulektos, a squidy-looking thing, could summon great skull-headed bolts of water and enjoys participating in Fight Club With Giant Creatures (one-on-one, of course). Then there is Karl, who looks almost human, except that both his hair and skin are some undefinable color, but let me tell you its a doozy of one. Karl is a Warrior, highly trained in the art of Shoot First And Spend Two Rounds Reloading Later. Finally, there is the lovable, but dumb-as-a-stone (and heavy as one too) Moorumah a walrus-looking being who speaks loudly (and innanely) and carries a very big club, and also occasinally trees. They are a lovable band of misfits (Azrulektos is Highly Curious, Moorumah has a Big Mouth, and Karl is equally Noticable, but in a way that I have forgotten).

Anyhoo, it all starts on a ship and with two elements. Fire and Water. A big storm made the water, and our inept now-deceased cook provided the fire. These forces combined to create a ship broken in half, and a lot of sailors drowned or beached on an island. Also, of particular worry to Moorumah, there are logs floating all over the ocean. The same logs she spent so long carrying back and forth onto the ship, with one long log under each arm.

The captain assigns the trio to look for food, and they promptly return with Moorumah carrying a 'Nana' (banana) tree. As this takes care of only one of the four food groups, the captain sends them out again. This time, they manage to kill a small dinosour, and take it back to the beach.

LITTLE DID THEY KNOW that the Red People (the savage Ugaks) had attacked the beach while they were gone. All the other sailors are gone, as are the nanas! What is a trio of (mostly) semi-aquatic beings to do? They follow the tracks of the Ugaks down the beach in hope of rescuing the other sailors. Along the way they find a small boat but broken on the other side of a reef, and materials to make a sail and other necessary components so that a makeshift boat is feasible. But, then they notice tracks going off into the jungle, and decide to follow.

The tracks end in a huge clearing, with a few scattered Red People surrounding a large pool of red goo. A huge statue of a Giant Monkape looms prominently behind the pool. There are 6 sailors lined up next to the pool, tied up next to a shaman who is directing proceedings.

Azrulektos sneaks around to flank the pool, and effectively neutralizes the shaman, while Moorumah charges into the scene like a charging bull elephant, and Karl fires off his one shot before sitting down to reload for two rounds. Unfortunately the dying shaman pushes one of the prisoners into the pool of red ooze, and a Giant Monkape rises from the ooze. There is a great deal of combat which takes place in slow motion shakey-cam. Azrulektos goes one-on-one (see previous note about hobby) with the Giant Monkape, and ultimately defeats it with a little help from some escaped sailors. The other foes are handily defeated by the trio.

In the end, we get many pieces of eight, as well as 4 experience points each. The DM bribed M.A.H. with the promise of an additional experience point if she would write up a summary of the session's events.

She does so, despite having forgotten all the characters names.

Ding - 1 xp for me!!!!!!!


Each PC each got +4 XP, except Moorumah who got a bonus +1 XP for M.A.H. writing up an actual play report.

(Azrulektos: 4 XP, Karl Kroc: 4 XP, Moorumah: 5 XP.)

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