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WVHTCF 50 Fathoms, Session #2: Sharks, Pirates, and Commerce

WVHTCF 50 Fathoms, Session #2: Sharks, Pirates, and Commerce




2021-08-09 12:05:14

This is an actual play report from the Savage Worlds 50 Fathoms plot point campaign from Pinnacle Entertainment Games. These actual play reports are available in html from T.K.B.'s blog.


Clockwise round the table, starting with the GM:

  • T.K.B. — GM

  • B.MC. — playing Azrulektos, a Kraken warrior/wizard

  • C.A.H. — playing Karl Kroc, a Masaquani treasure hunter and navigator

  • M.A.H. — playing Moorumah, a charming but rather dim Grael


B.MC. contributed the following actual play report.

Actual Play

Our story continues with our band of intrepid adventurers sailing their hastily repaired skiff from the Savage Land to the pirate haven of Brigandy Bay to sell the lumber salvaged from their initial shipwreck. Along the way we happened upon the remains of a battle, finding wreckage of a ship floating in the water with a large portion of the stern section bobbing in the ocean waves. We saw a man and a Scurilian standing on the stern yelling for help which Murumah was happy to oblige by diving into the water to swim over. Luckily Azrulecktos and Karl Kroc noticed the large great white shark making its way to Marumah and Azrulecktos killed it using his screaming water bolts. We learned that the ship that Black Bear (human) and Equias (Scurilian) were on was attacked by the dread pirate Windy Jack Windham. We were able to salvage one keg of brandy, one keg of whiskey and one keg of gunpowder.

We continued on to the questionable port of Brigandy Bay to find a buyer for the lumber we had salvaged from our shipwreck on the Savage Land and to buy provisions to travel to the larger port of Swindon. We were able to sell three loads of lumber to Lessa Larune for 900 pieces of 8 but Muramah had to perform a rapid offloading of material (knocking would be pirates back) to keep our unscrupulous buyer’s crew from stealing our skiff. Murumah was able to find eight Grael that paid us 400 pieces of 8 (1300 total) for passage to Swindon. Twelve days of provisions for our trip to Swindon cost 216 pieces of 8 (1084 po8 left) and the addition of a cannon and 10 cannonballs for protection another 250 pieces of 8 (834 po8 left). There was also another cost of 280 pieces of 8 (554 po8 left)…not sure what for but I think it was for papers to get us into Swindon with our passengers.

Karl Kroc’s skillful sailing helped us make the trip to Swindon in 10 days, saving 2 days worth of rations, and avoided possible attack by Windy Jack (a well known pirate) when we spotted smoke on the horizon, assumed to be a plundered ship. We had a tense moment when we were boarded by the East India Company but Murumah and the other Grael came to the rescue with their wild and raucous singing which convinced the East India Company captain to let us go.

Once we arrived in Swindon we proceeded to look for rumors and repairs to our ship. We found both in a tavern called The Gallows in the person of Garrin Glut. He agreed to repair our ship for 140 pieces of 8, ½ up front and ½ after the repairs were completed (take 3-6 days). Garrin also pointed us in the direction of the Whip Islands for treasures…

GM Notes

During their visit to Brigandy Bay, Miguel Figuroa proved surprisingly knowledgeable about the ways of pirates.


The PCs each got +2 XP, and Azrulektos got a bonus +1 XP for B.MC. writing up an actual play report.

(Azrulektos: 7 XP, Karl Kroc: 6 XP, Moorumah: 7 XP.)

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