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Return to the Frontiers of Alusia Uploaded

I had to upload a document to the other day to get a document out of their archive, so I uploaded my notes for my Savage Worlds adventure “Return to the Frontiers of Alusia”, a revised version of a GURPS adventure I ran in 1988 in the DragonQuest setting Frontiers of Alusia. Anyway, today I uploaded a revised version that has my hand-drawn maps from the original 1988 version.


I found this post today while doing maintenance on my blog, and realized that I've long since decided I hate and think it should not be used. So I deleted the few documents I'd uploaded there, including this one, and I'm hosting it here instead, updated with some additional comments on where I got my ideas for it.

Later on I started a Savage Worlds campaign set in The Frontiers of Alusia with some of the same players but with different characters — I lost the character sheets for the characters that played this adventure — so now I call that campaign “Return to the Frontiers of Alusia” and this adventure “Return to the Frontiers of Alusia Precursor”.

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