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WVHTCF 50 Fathoms, Session #5: Pirates, Salvage, Healing

WVHTCF 50 Fathoms, Session #5: Pirates, Salvage, Healing




2021-08-09 12:01:56

This is an actual play report from the Savage Worlds 50 Fathoms plot point campaign from Pinnacle Entertainment Games. These actual play reports are available in html from T.K.B.'s blog.


Clockwise round the table, starting with the GM:

  • T.K.B. — GM

  • B.MC. — playing Azrulektos, a Kraken warrior/wizard

  • C.A.H. — playing Karl Kroc, a Masaquani treasure hunter and navigator

  • M.A.H. — playing Moorumah, a charming but rather dim Grael


[Session report by B.MC., lightly edited]

Actual Play

Here Be Loot!

After escaping with the only serious injury being Azrulektos's burnt and useless arm, our adventurers sorted through the booty captured. Mooramuh forced open the chest and we found a magic ring that made the wearer feel better about sailing (a [Captain's Ring] which gives a +2 bonus to Boating) which was given to Karl Kroc, a yellow potion (restores power points) and $4,375 ($3,938 after 10% salvage fee).

A Sad, Sad, Day!

On the 8-day voyage back to Baltimus to find healing for Azrulektos’ arm, we happened upon the black pirate ship, a sloop known as the “Red Fox”, attacking the crumbster ship named “Windfall”. We defeated the pirates, saving some of the Windfall’s crew, and captured the pirate captain. Unfortunately, Mooramuh accidently threw her beautiful mallet far, far away into the ocean never to be seen again. The Fox had been chasing the Windfall for two days. We found $1,070 in general loot on the Fox and also found a pair of thieves slippers (+1 climbing and stealth) which Azrulektos took.

A Happy, Happy, Day!

We were given a $6,750 salvage bounty for the Windfall and $10,000 bounty for the Red Fox when we reached Baltimus. We sold our skiff for $5,000 and bought the Red Fox for $20,000. We found, through amazing, stupendous luck, that there was a very powerful healer named Benga Mamoto in the village of Tulago. He was from an Earth slave ship. We also bought Mooramuh a 2-handed great axe ($500) with a strap ($100) to replace her mallet. She subsequently bought a formal gown ($268) and went on a date with the weaponsmith Grimnar, having a wonderful time talking about our adventures.

Moorumah the Shark Killer!

We hired two privateers and two novice sailors to help sail the ship and also resupplied for the trip to Tulago. We also repainted the Red Fox sea green and the sails blue before leaving port. Our ship was attacked a half day from Tulago by a giant shark that was almost as large as the ship. Azrulektos pummeled the shark with screaming water bolts and Mooruamuh jumped to its back attempting a killing blow. Unfortunately she missed and the shark began to swim to the depths with her holding on. Azrulektos fired another volley of bolts and stunned the fish which sank to the depths.


We easily found Benga and he agreed to heal Azrulektos’ arm for $1000 and the promise that we would search for his brother Machawi (~410 lbs and 7’8” tall), who is larger than an elephant (whatever that is), and was last seen on the slave ship the Black Prince. The healing took one week during which time the crew relaxed and Mooramuh worked lifting heavy things and making $35 spending money. We ended up having $2537 after paying crew, repairs, supplies and various trading and fees.


Each PC each got +2 XP. B.MC. submitted a session report, so Azrulektos got a bonus +1 XP. (Azrulektos has 15 XP, Karl Kroc has 14 XP, Moorumah has 14 XP).

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