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Keep on the Borderlands, Play Session #20: Stoned


Clockwise round the table, starting with the Labyrinth Lord:

  • T.K.B., the Labyrinth Lord.

  • M.A., playing - James the Cleric and - Jeffrey the Monk.

  • T.A., playing - Glen the Strategist (a wizard) and - Dooley the sly (a thief).

  • L.B., playing - Taffy the Halfling and - Alice the Cleric

  • E.A., playing - Curufin the Elf and - Drusilla the Ranger.

Actual Play

Back to 62 via J. While searching a gray ooze cam in, separating Dooley and Glen from the rest. Ooze decayed Dooley's sword, Dooley accidentally shot James (rolled a 1), missiles killed ooze, which popped and filled room 1 foot deep. Lily finally thought of wood coffins. Back to town. Alice heals Dooley.

Back via J to fork to 62:area. To 60. Took silver hand mirror. 61:area Took great ax, chain, 135 gp, bracelet worth 700 gp. 64 Taffy, Alice, Dru, Curufin enter, Medusa stones Taffy and Alice, then Dru on the way out. Medusa has 18 CHR. Curufin tries to go back in, Dooley grabs him and throws him on the ground, Medusa comes to the door, Curufin fails save, Dooley and Glen make it. Glen uses the wand of paralyzation, Dooley borrows shield from James, stabs the medusa, finds the stone-to-flesh potion, unstones the unlucky (Curufin, Dru, Taffy, Alice). And back to town.

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