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My Actual Play

The items you can find on this blog under the category Actual-Play and tag actual-play (except for this entry) describe actual play sessions from some of my games. They tend more to describing in-game events, but sometimes talk about mechanical aspects of the game illuminated during the session, or creative aspects of running a game. Sometimes they're just a session recap, written so that when I come back to that campaign in a week or a month or six months so I can look up the details of the last couple of sessions to figure out what was happening and where the campaign is going. These latter sometimes are barely more than a list of the places the PCs visited and events of notoriety:

The PCs went to 20, where Olsman chopped the head off an ogre with one blow. Afterwards they started down the stairs to 23, but the stairs collapsed into a slide, and much hilarity ensued as they tried to avoid stabbing and bashing each other as they tumbled down and landed in a deep pool.

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