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FF:TIRpG: Shaggradd's Hives of Peril: Play Session #2

As I've mentioned before, I've been planning to use the RPGs derived from the Fighting Fantasy gamebooks for pickup games with the kids, today we continued with the second adventure from Fighting Fantasy — The Introductory Role-playing Game (FF:TIRpG), Shaggradd's Hives of Peril.


  • T.K.B. — GamesMaster.

  • T.A. played

    • Ezarik (e-ZAR-ik) — SKILL 8, STAMINA 17, LUCK 10.

    • Oswald — SKILL 10, STAMINA 21, LUCK 12, who was already lost in the treasure vaults in the dark. (This was C.A.'s character from the earlier game, but he wasn't available today.)

  • E.A. played Letty Letitia — SKILL 10, STAMINA 19, LUCK 10.

  • M.A. played Toth — SKILL 8, STAMINA 17, LUCK 9.

  • L.B. played Amber — SKILL 12 STAMINA 21 LUCK 8.

Actual Play

Amber introduced herself as Judy for some reason. (The player did this deliberately. I have no idea why.)

Started in 1, went to 19, then 22. They skinned the weretiger. On to 23, 13, 14. Finally Lettie looked in 18 and then the door shut.


The kids were giddy, and the game didn't last very long, alas. No doubt the chaos contributed to my inability to take good notes this session.

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