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Notes for the WVHTCF Necessary Evil Campaign

Notes for the WVHTCF Necessary Evil Campaign


2021-08-09 10:48:13

We're playing Pinnacle Entertainment Games's Necessary Evil plot point setting using the Savage Worlds system. (The Test Drive gives you most of the Savage Worlds rules for free.)

  • We're using the Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition for our main rule book, the Players' Guide portion of Explorers Edition of Necessary Evil for character creation, the original edition of Necessary Evil for the GM, and some of the powers from the Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion (particularly the headquarters rules).

  • We're using the following adjustments to the character creation rules as written in the Player's Guide.

    1. If you take the Human race, you get two free edges of your choice instead of just one. This is to balance humans with the other two races available.

    2. All characters get Arcane Background (Super Powers) for free. You do not have the option to substitute another free edge of your choice instead, because to do so would be fatal for your character…

    3. You can take Allergy as a minor hindrance, but not as a major one. For the latter case, use Power Negation (Major) instead.

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