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Idol of the Orcs, Session #2

This session lasted from 6:15 pm to 9:30 pm.


Clockwise round the table, starting with the Labyrinth Lord:

  • T.A. — Labyrinth Lord

  • M.A.

    • Gustavio, a Gnome. HP 4, AC 5. (green lego base)

    • Karl, a Dwarf. HP 4, AC 6. (yellow lego base)

  • T.K.B.

    • Orm, a human Cleric. HP 5, AC 3. (red lego base)

    • Skeggi, a human Cleric. HP 6, AC 4 (3 with shield). (blue lego base)

  • E.A.

    • Semiriah, an Elf. HP 3, AC 5 (4 with shield). (sparkly pink lego base)

    • Maury, a human Thief. HP 5, AC 6. (tan lego base)

Actual Play

Orm and Skeggi switched places in the marching order.

Tristan agreed that “Shields will be splintered!” and magic and falling.

Balin, who died last session, had chain armor, 2 darts, and a longsword. Oin, who died last session, had leather armor, spear, and 2 darts.

We gave Balin's chain to Zenith.

6. Orc command post, leader with 12 warriors. Gustavio and Maury went down (to negative hit points) but were healed to positive hit points by Skeggi and Orm respectively.

Killed leader and 6 warriors. There was a crude map with X marks showing the location of recent raids. Loot bodies: leader had scale armor, shield, and longsword. Others had leather armor, short swords, hand axes.

Loot others as we retreat. 16 other orcs: leather armor, 2 spears, 6 hand axes, 6 slings, 8 spears, 8 short bows.

220 XP for 22 orcs, 140 XP for 4 wolves, 10 XP for leader. 360 XP total = 60 XP each. XP each.

50 gp plus 24 sp plus 7 sp plus gold from equipment = 96 gp 8 sp 3 cp each.

Total including gold from selling treasure is 159 XP.

Back to village, sell all stuff.

Pay all hirelings 1 gp, and 1 gp to families of 2 dead hirelings. (The funerals were last session.)

Alana — healer from nearby town — discovered parchment wandering in the hills as a child with friends. It reads:

Right then left and left again
Avoid the wood and right again
Right once more and right once more
Knock upon the wooden door
Right now twice and left is nice
And takes you to the water
Back up son and left is one
To take you to the hotter

Caysec is the girl who takes care of a PC's dog while we are in the caves.

We go on a trip with Gustaff, looking for alternate entrances, traps, etc. We spend 3 days searching, and on the third day at midmorning we surprised 7 orcs. We killed 6 and captured 1.

7 leather armor, 7 hand axes, 7 slings. 46 sp 32 cp, and 70 XP.

They were going to swear loyalty to warlord Ngarsh in Sacern Hills where the Hidden Dagger tribe have taken refuge. Warlord Ngarsh acts on orders from a powerful demon that resides in the idol. The orcs are gaining stength due to the demon.

The only entrance that this band of orcs knew was the entrance that we used before.

Gezn worshiped demons below the Sacrern Hills.

There is an ogre! Walk through walls? No! Not that he knows.

Agashhak is the captured orcs name. He submits, and becomes our follower.

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