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Glorantha Gaming Bonanza: Moon Design Publications and Mongoose Publishing

I spent some of my tax return this year on picking up some Glorantha and RuneQuest RPG supplements, and a bunch of them came today.

  • Moon Design Publications

    • Pavis: Gateway to Adventure, by Greg Stafford and Jeff Richards.

      As a fan of the Gloranthan Classics 1 I thought Moon Design Publications was a natural for the Glorantha license, and I've been happy with all their new HeroQuest books. I've been looking forward to their take on Pavis.

      This is a big book, 416 pages. I like the art, some of which I recognize from earlier products, but there is lots of new art too. I like the layout and typography, generally speaking. Lots of neat looking stuff.

  • Mongoose Publishing

    • Glorantha

      • Glorantha: The Second Age, the MRQ2 2 core rulebook for Glorantha.

      • Cults of Glorantha

      • Pavis Rises

      • Races of Glorantha, Volume 1

      • The Abiding Book

    • Elric (MRQ2)

      • Elric of Melnibone, the MRQ2 core rulebook for Elric.

      • Cults of the Young Kingdoms

    • RuneQuest II

      • Arms and Equipment

      • Empires

      • Vikings


The Glorantha Classics series republished a bunch of the Glorantha material from the original Chaosium RuneQuest run, and was a nice alternative to picking up the rather expensive original versions. The Glorantha Classics are mostly out of print again, but they are available in PDF form from DrivethruStuff.


Mongoose marked the books for the second edition of their RuneQuest as “RQII”, but I've seen that abbreviation used online for Chaosium's second edition of RuneQuest, from 1980, which is often referred to online as “RQ2”. I usually refer to Mongoose's second edition as “MRQ2” to mark it unambiguously.

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