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Glorantha Gaming Bonanza: Moon Design Publications and Mongoose Publishing

I spent some of my tax return this year on picking up some Glorantha and RuneQuest RPG supplements, and a bunch of them came today.

  • Moon Design Publications

    • Pavis: Gateway to Adventure, by Greg Stafford and Jeff Richards.

      As a fan of the Gloranthan Classics [1] I thought Moon Design Publications was a natural for the Glorantha license, and I've been happy with all their new HeroQuest books. I've been looking forward to their take on Pavis.

      This is a big book, 416 pages. I like the art, some of which I recognize from earlier products, but there is lots of new art too. I like the layout and typography, generally speaking. Lots of neat looking stuff.

  • Mongoose Publishing

    • Glorantha

      • Glorantha: The Second Age, the MRQ2 [2] core rulebook for Glorantha.

      • Cults of Glorantha

      • Pavis Rises

      • Races of Glorantha, Volume 1

      • The Abiding Book

    • Elric (MRQ2)

      • Elric of Melnibone, the MRQ2 core rulebook for Elric.

      • Cults of the Young Kingdoms

    • RuneQuest II

      • Arms and Equipment

      • Empires

      • Vikings

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