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Mini Six: Rebel Breakout, part 1

I ran the “Rebel Breakout” adventure from Star Wars: the Roleplaying Game using Mini Six from AntiPaladin Games. Mini Six is a very simple RPG derived from OpenD6 (1, 2, 3, 4, 5), the OGL version of the D6 roleplaying game engine that descended from the original Star Wars: the Roleplaying Game from West End Games.


  • T.K.B. — GM.

  • T.A. — Haven Zul, a human smuggler.

  • M.A. — Milagro, a human/cyborg.

  • E.A. — J'Lee, a bounty hunter.

Actual Play

J'Lee established herself early on as a cool competent bounty hunter — even when she failed whatever she was attempting, something cool happened.

There were a lot of broken steam and water pipes and severed power lines dropping into multiple flooded areas expanding toward the characters.

They finished up through Encounter 6: Firefight, ending the session with electrified water chasing them down the side corridor at A.

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