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Mini Six: Rebel Breakout, part 2

This is the concluding session of the “Rebel Breakout” adventure from Star Wars: the Roleplaying Game, run using Mini Six from AntiPaladin Games.


  • T.K.B. — GM.

  • T.A. — Haven Zul, a human smuggler.

  • M.A. — Milagro, a human/cyborg.

  • E.A. — J'Lee, a bounty hunter.

Actual Play

Deo in a cargo net was dropped twice down to just above the flames due to problems with the winch. Finally they got him back to the level they wanted. Haven Zul pulled the little droid into the tunnel. Unfortunately, he only figured out he needed some way to keep Deo from swinging back into the shaft like a pendulum once he'd already pulled him in. Luckily, he was able to find a nearby cable he could use to tie him off. J'Lee tried to lower the cargo net, but failed horribly, so the brake on the cable broke and the kilometers long cable started to unwind. It turns out the cable wasn't properly fastened to the drum of the winch, so it was going to come loose and drag Deo into the depths of the flaming, exploding mine shaft. [No, R2 units don't have repulsar lift units!] Haven, acting quickly, got the cable cut off the cargo net with his fusion cutter from his toolkit.

It was about this time that the Imperials showed up again. they engaged in a running firefight as J'Lee and Milagro climbed down to Deo and Haven. They fled down the tunnel and the blast door opened for them, where they found a huge cavern, their unconscious rebel contact, and non-working blast door controls, so they couldn't close the blast doors again.

They found the Y-wings, and the Imperials showed up again. They held them off with another firefight while Deo programmed the jump coordinates into one of the Y-wings and then boarded the other, then they flew out of the cavern, shooting at and being shot at by the AT-ATs that had chased their contact into the cavern.

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