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AFF1e: Dungeoneer Adventure II: Revenge of the Sorcerer, Part 1


Clockwise, starting with the Director:

  • T.K.B. — Director

  • T.A. — Grimbold Tornhelm

  • M.A. — Gordo Brondwyn

  • L.B. — Alexa Wolfrica

  • E.A. — Aspen Darkfire

Actual Play

The PCs attended court, where their part in rescuing Princess Sarissa was explained, along with the fact that Xortan Throg was still at large. The PCs are assigned the task of killing Xortan Throg, and told to get assistance from Nicodemus in Port Blacksand.

The PCs got 500 GP as a reward for thwarting Xortan Throg's earlier efforts and for rescuing Princess Sarissa. They were also given 60 GP each as an advance for their next efforts, and a healing potion.

To help them slip into Port Blacksand in disguise, they were given a wagon of goods and Merchant Passes for each of them.

They entered the city and found their way to the Dragon's Tooth Inn, where they turn over the wagon to their contact, Halim Thrumbar. He gave them directions to where Nicodemus lives.

Gordo wanted to gamble in the inn, but Grimbold tried to drag him away.

They went to Nicodemus's and after a little discussion were admitted. Nicodemus told them that Xortan Throg lives in Port Blacksand, where he can study the ruins of Carsepolis, in the sewers of Port Blacksand, and has some dealings with the Fish People. He suggests that they start by looking near the old sluice-gates down by the docks at dusk. They do, and see pirates entered the sewers guided by Fish Men, and decide to follow them at a distance.

Along the way they fight a giant centipede that attacks them. Gordo strikes the blow that kills the centipede. Aspen is knocked into the sewer and starts to drown. Alexa pulls her out.

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