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T.A. LL Shadowbrook Manor, Finished


We're playing the module Shadowbrook Manor, so if you haven't played that you might want to skip this entry.

Actual Play

We had returned to town and Gustavio had cast detect magic: +1 Quarterstaff, 7 magic bullets, 2 magic longswords.

Kitchen — Karl opens cookie jar and is apparently possessed by something. Gustav sleeps him and we tie him up. Travel to a large city, Orm finds a cleric of Thor of relatively high level who dispossesses Karl and gives us the shattered remains of the cookie jar. Karl is restored.

Back to the manor. Orm finds a long sword in the attic, Karl picks it up. Orm finds brass knuckles. Skeggi found a skullcap. Nothing interesting on the widow's walk.

Take book to library, get 1000 gp = 125 gp each.

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