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“Footsteps of the Fallen” comes to an end


  • M.A.H. — the DM

  • C.A.H. — Bulwark, a warforged

  • T.K.B. — Mord, an orc rogue

  • B.McC. — Vex, a changeling wizard/necromancer

Actual Play

We played the last session of M.A.H.'s “Footsteps of the Fallen” campaign, and were successful in eliminating the Mourning! In mass battle we defeated the army of the Lord of the Blades. Afterward we killed the Lord of the Blades, but the psychic purple creature who turned out to be behind it all escaped. We're left with a bunch of psychically active purple glass that can be mined and turned into psychically active artifacts.

This was probably the 33rd game session we'd played, and we'd been playing since the first session on 2013-02-27.


We got +5500 XP.

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