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TAS Form 2 Revised at Tales To Astonish

The Tales to Astonish blog has an article with a revised version of TAS Form 2, the character sheet for Traveller. The article includes a direct link to a fairly large JPG (in height and width, not data size) that thus can be printed. [1] It has places for each weapon to write the modifiers for each type of armor, each range, the required attribute and the Dice Modifier (DM) for if you are under the required level, the advantageous attribute and the DM for if you meet or are over the advantageous level, where it delivers a blow, a swing, or a shot, the weakened blow or swing DM, and the hits of damage a successful blow does. Having this information for each weapon on the character sheet so you don't have to look it up each combat is very useful.

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