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Getting .MOBI files on my Kindle Paperwhite

I created a .epub file using pandoc. Then I converted the .epub to .mobi via the Calibre epub software. 1 Then I tried copying the .mobi to the Documents folder on the Kindle via USB (which several places online say is the way to do it) but that didn’t show up when I looked (and searched) my library.

So I had to mail it to my Kindle.

  • Go on Amazon,

  • select “Account & Lists > Your Content and Devices > Preferences tab (at the top of the page, under the normal black Amazon menu/search area) > Personal Document Settings”.

  • Then copy the email from your “Send-To-Kindle E-Mail Settings” and create an e-mail to it.

  • Check that the “Approved Personal Document E-mail List” contains your e-mail address, or add a new one.

  • Then attach the .mobi file to the e-mail and send it.

  • After a little while you’ll get a “Verify your Kindle document” from Amazon with a link to click to verify it. Click it.

  • After a little while you can go back to the “Content” tab and search your content for the title, and it should be there. You can also change the “Show” combo box at the top of the page to “Docs” instead of “Books” and it should be listed there, too.



I could have used KindleGen, a command line tool from Amazon, instead. You can download it yourself from that page for Windows, macOS, and Linux. If you use a macOS computer you can use Homebrew to install it:

brew install kindlegen

I haven't actually used KindleGen, though.

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