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Worlds of Wonder from Chaosium

I just got my Worlds of Wonder box set from Noble Knight. It was published by Chaosium in 1982, and consists of 4 pamphlets — Basic Role-Playing, Magic World, Super World, and Future World, each under 20 pages — and some supporting game aids. It was very interesting to see Chaosium's house system be stripped down so much in Basic Role-Playing, and then built up again slightly in each of the genre specific pamphlets. There are some interesting design decisions there. I'm not sure that all of those same decisions were exactly included in the Big Gold Book version of Chaosium's Basic Roleplaying book published in 2010, which collected rules from most of Chaosium's games into one generic roleplaying game. I'll have to compare them to see. I should also compare it to the BRP Quickstart. I do have Chaosium's 2002 publication of the Basic Roleplaying pamphlet. It was better typeset but was otherwise functionally identical to the pamphlet from Worlds of Wonder.

I'd love to see a PDF version of Worlds of Wonder, even if it was just a scanned version. Even better if it was release as an SRD, like their BRP SRD.

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