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Using getnstr from Chicken Scheme ncurses egg

The Chicken Scheme documentation for the ncurses egg says that you should pass a string to the getnstr, function, but that doesn't actually work.

I finally found an example, and after looking at it and figuring out what imports are now required I have a working example of using getnstr from the chicken scheme ncurses egg!

(import ncurses)
(import (chicken locative))
(import (chicken string))

(define (get-string max)
  (let ((buffer (make-string max #\null)))
    (getnstr (make-locative buffer) max)
    ;; Delete the #\null characters.
    (string-translate buffer #\null)))

(let ((stdscr (initscr))
      (str (get-string 10)))
  (addstr str)
  (write str)

Oh, and I added the example to the ncurses egg documentation: getnstr Example.

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