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Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2E Combat Companion

I got my printed copy of the Combat Companion for Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2E a couple of weeks ago. Overall I liked it. There were some typos, but nothing that prevented me from from understanding the rules.

Here is the table of contents, with brief notes on what is in them:

  • Chapter 1 - Introduction

    • Optional Rules Checklist

  • Chapter 2 - Hero Creation

    How to create Heroes at different power levels.

  • Chapter 3 - New Skills and Talents

    Special Skills: Martial Arts, Monster Lores (Animal, Construct, Demon, Humanoid, Monster, Plant, Undead), Assess Enemy, Running.

    Talents: Barfighter, Battle Rider, Combat Caster, Defender, Duelist, Evasive, Hunter, Inspiring Leader, Lucky Punch, Resilient, Sniper, Specialist.

    I was most interested in the Martial Arts Skill, which makes unarmed strikes more and more dangerous at higher skill levels.

  • Chapter 4 - Alternative Rules

    Critical Tables: Melee Attack, Martial Arts Attack, Natural Attack, Missile Attack.

    Fumble Tables: Martial Arts Attack, Natural Attack, Missile Attack. (Use the default Fumble Table in the core rulebook is for Melee Attacks.)

    Alternative Combat Rules: Leaving Combat, Revised Armour special skill requirements, Powerful Blows, Ranged Attack Target Number, Ubiquitous Dodging, LUCK in Combat, Weapon Reach, Hero Death, Multiple Monster Attacks, Fluid Modifiers.

    Combat Options: Assist, Bypass Armour, Cautious Attack, Charging Attack, Disarm, Dodging Attack, Double Shot, Frenzied Attack, Stand Firm, Sniper Shot, Tumbling Attack, Whirlwind Attack.

  • Chapter 5 - Martial Arts

    Each of the schools get a bonus in one set of circumstances, but a penalty the rest of the time.

    Styles: Cangui School, Hac-Quel-Rat School, Kappa School, Ki-Rin School, Kreehul School, Mukade School, Pelagine School, Shikome School, Tatsu School.

  • Chapter 6 - Combat Magic

    The new special skill Magic-Warrior Mage and associated new spells: Bladerune, Combat Reactions, Enhancement, Fireblade, Iceblade, Lesser Magical Shield, Magical Armour, Protective Field, Accuracy, Catseyes, Dancing Blade, Duplicate, Greater Magical shield, Weapon Master, Concussive Blast, Elemental Shield, Avatar of War.

  • Chapter 7 - New Equipment

    Master Weapons and Armour, Silver Weapons, Acquired Traits.

    New Equipment. General: Ball Bearings, Caltrops, Firedust. Weapons: Armoured Fist, Bastard Sword, Cleaver, Greathammer, Repeating Crossbow, Scimitar. Armour: Armoured Fist, Great Helm, Leather Jack, Scale Armour, Tower Shield. War Mounts: Giant Ant, Black Elk, Giant Chameleon, Chaos Steed, Demon Steed, Gunderwal, Horse (Warhorse), Giant Lizard, Ophidiotaur, Rhinoceros, Wyvern.

  • Chapter 8 - Mounted Combat

    Discusses the Suitable Mounts, with separate costs for various levels of training.

    Expands on the Mounted Combat Rules from the core rulebook p. 60.

    Mounted Combat Options: Barge, Break Out, Charging Attack, Rear Up, Trample, Whirl.

    Rules for Training Mounts.

  • Chapter 9 - Monster Templates

    Templates to be applied to any monster to increase their abilities and make them a greater threat.

    Humanoid Templates: Berserker, Champion, Chief, Enforcer, Hero, Scout, Shaman, Veteran, Wizard. Monster Templates: Chaos-, Dire-, Enchanted-, Huge-, Large-. Construct Templates: Charged, Enhanced, Reinforced. Demon Templates: Greater, Lord, Major. Undead Templates: Ancient-, Burning-, Cursed-.

    • Appendices

      Consolidated Weapon Damage Tracks, Armour Protection Tracks, Special Skills, Talents, miscellaneous tables.

I think having this would have made AFF more interesting to at least one group I played it with.

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