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I wish the B/X and OD&D retro-clones had added a "Saving Throw" entry for spells

One simple improvement on B/X D&D and OD&D that wouldn't have been a change in the rules, just a change in presentation, that I've wished that the B/X and OD&D retro-clones had made was adding a “Saving Throw” entry to their spell descriptions, like that of AD&D. As it is, you have to read the spell description to figure out if a saving throw is allowed and what it means.

Basic Fantasy; Labyrinth Lord and Advanced Edition Companion; Old-School Essentials Classic Fantasy and Advanced Fantasy; Sword & Wizardry Complete, Core, and Whitebox; and Delving Deeper, all fail to do this.

I'm really surprised that Old-School Essentials didn't do this, with all its other improvements to the presentation of B/X style games.

Oh well. Maybe OSE will add it in a later edition.

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