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Getting the homebrew CHICKEN Scheme sqlite3 egg to use the homebrew-installed sqlite3 include files and library files

To get the Homebrew installed CHICKEN Scheme (HBCHICKEN) to use the Homebrew installed version of sqlite3 (HBSQLITE3) — because the one supplied by Apple in macOS is obsolete — for the sqlite egg, you need to set CSC_OPTIONS properly:

$ export CSC_OPTIONS="-I/usr/local/Cellar/sqlite/3.36.0/include -L/usr/local/Cellar/sqlite/3.36.0/lib"
$ chicken-install sqlite3
building sqlite3
   /usr/local/Cellar/chicken/5.2.0/bin/csc -host -D compiling-extension -J -s -regenerate-import-libraries -setup-mode -I /Users/tkb/.cache/chicken-install/sqlite3 -C -I/Users/tkb/.cache/chicken-install/sqlite3 -O2 -d1 -L -lsqlite3 sqlite3.scm -o /Users/tkb/.cache/chicken-install/sqlite3/
   /usr/local/Cellar/chicken/5.2.0/bin/csc -regenerate-import-libraries -M -setup-mode -static -I /Users/tkb/.cache/chicken-install/sqlite3 -emit-link-file /Users/tkb/.cache/chicken-install/sqlite3/ -host -D compiling-extension -c -unit sqlite3 -D compiling-static-extension -C -I/Users/tkb/.cache/chicken-install/sqlite3 -O2 -d1 sqlite3.scm -o /Users/tkb/.cache/chicken-install/sqlite3/sqlite3.static.o
   /usr/local/Cellar/chicken/5.2.0/bin/csc -setup-mode -s -host -I /Users/tkb/.cache/chicken-install/sqlite3 -C -I/Users/tkb/.cache/chicken-install/sqlite3 -O2 -d0 -L -lsqlite3 sqlite3.import.scm -o /Users/tkb/.cache/chicken-install/sqlite3/
installing sqlite3

You'll probably need to adjust the version numbers in the pathnames for whatever version is installed on your computer.

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