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Anime 5E: Fifth Edition Fantasy Role-Playing Adventures

Do you like D&D 5E, but would like to have it with with point-based character generation, effects-based rules, and an Anime flavour? Well Anime 5E: Fifth Edition Fantasy Role-Playing Adventures is what you want.

My physical copies of Anime 5E: Fifth Edition Fantasy Role-Playing Adventures (home page, Kickstarter, and DriveThruRPG page) from Dyskami Publishing Company and Mark C. MacKinnon came today, and I have only had a chance to briefly skim the pocket edition, but I'm pleased at what they managed to fit into the small package of 384 pages and a physical size of approximately 12.5cm wide × 18.9cm tall × 2.25cm thick (4 15/16in wide × 7 13/32in tall × 27/32in thick) and still have the text be large enough to read.

Here's a picture of the Pocket Edition, with another picture with my hand covering the book for size comparison:

Anime 5E pocket edition Anime 5E pocket edition with hand for size comparison

While I agree that adding the flexibility of Dynamic Powers attribute as magic (p. 154) is very interesting I would like to have seen a little guidance for using the rest of the attributes as spells using the Deplete limiter (p. 237) and the optional Energy rules (p. 280); I've seen the similar rules in BESM (BESM1, BESM2) used very well.

I'll have to wait until I get a chance to peruse the hardback version to comment on the art.

Later: I just have to add: OMG! Battle Cabbits! (On p. 367.) So cute! Now, if they only turned into spaceships as well...

I also liked the Items chapter, especially the “Ring of Power”.

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